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GritGoals Education: who we are & what we do

who we are

A Montreal-based medical application consultancy specializing in helping students navigate the medical school application process from school selection, CV editing and leadership development to CASPer test prep & interview (MMI) preparation. Applying to medical school and becoming a doctor is no easy task. No doctor is going to tell you that getting into medical school was a walk in the park. It requires a great deal of focus, determination and resilience. What used to be a transparent process has now become biased, complicated, and overwhelming.

Good academic grades and a strong CV used to be enough to potentially secure an interview. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. The academic and non-academic medical school requirements change depending on the schools you apply too. In general, most schools require a diversified and unique medical resume, competitive grades and meaningful volunteer, research, and leadership experiences. They also seek out applicants who participated in unique extra-curricular activities and those who perform strongly on their CASPer test and interview (MMIs). Each of these application components can and should be refined and perfected with the help of a mentor.

what we do We work with a wide network of mentors, physicians, researchers, tutors, coaches, newly admitted medical students and CV, CASPer test prep & MMI specialists in order to competitively position our students. Our mentors help our students strategically plan their approach to a successful medical school admission. Once a plan is established that resonates with the student, together student and mentor work towards refining and optimizing all relevant aspects of the student's application until it is ready for submission.

We offer support on the following application components:

Academic Tutoring: grade- level academic support and enrichment on a variety of topics

Resume Building: wording and framing of academic, life & work experiences

Leadership Coaching: support in the discovery of unique leadership opportunities

Personal Growth Development: support in time, stress & anxiety management

Academic Consulting: strategized academic & growth support

Extracurriculars Development: support in the location & development of distinctive extracurriculars

Scholarship Application: support in grant/awards/ scholarship application

Research & Volunteering Placement: support in the location & application of meaningful research & volunteering opportunities

CASPer Test Prep & Interview (MMI) Prep: CASPer, MCAT & Multiple Mini Interview support

Now that you know all that goes into a strong application, get started by letting us match you the right mentor for you!

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