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GritGoals Education
Medical Admissions Consulting 

GritGoals Education is a Montréal- based medical application consultancy connecting students with unparalleled application mentors to refine and perfect their medical school profile. With the medical admissions process getting increasingly competitive, it now takes more competitive grades, unique extracurriculars and more diverse personal and academic experiences to stand out. At GritGoals Education, we understand the overwhelming pressure and anxiety medical applicants go through, which is why besides a successful medical school acceptance, our goal is to instil a sense of self- assurance and confidence in students that will follow them way beyond their medical school acceptance.


What is a personalized medical application mentor?

A medical application mentor is a coach that virtually helps students strategically plan their approach to a successful medical school admission. Whether students are applying to in-province or out-of-province schools, need help curating their school-list suggestions, resume support, leadership mentoring, CASPer test prep or interview (MMI) support, a personalized medical application mentor helps students refine and optimize all aspects of the medical application until it is ready for submission.

What application components can a mentor help with?

Academic Tutoring: grade- level academic support & enrichment 

Resume Building: wording & framing of medical application resume 

Leadership Coaching: support in the discovery of unique leadership opportunities

Personal Growth Development: support in stress & anxiety management

Academic Consulting: academic & growth consulting

Extracurriculars Development: support in the location & development of distinctive extracurriculars 

Scholarship Application: support in grant/awards/ scholarship application

Research & Volunteering Placement: support in location & application of meaningful research & volunteering opportunities

Test & Interview Prep: CASPer test prep, MCAT support & Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) prep  

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