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Medical School Advising

Admission to medical school is becoming increasingly difficult, competitive & stressful for both students and parents. Wether you are a high school, CEGEP, university or mature student, meeting with an advisor before & during your application journey can not only help set a realistic plan based on your individual needs but also keeps you accountable through it all.

What is medical school advising?

One-on-one advising sessions focused on outlining students' main goals & priorities and working backwards to set up an effective and strategic plan. By working closely with a mentor, students become empowered to achieve their various academic & extracurricular goals in a stress-free environment.

Why is medical advising  important?

Speaking to a medical school advisor in high school allows you to start prepping your CV & life experiences before everyone else, providing you with a significant advantage. For older students who are ready to apply, speaking to an advisor regarding which schools, campuses & programs are a best fit for them allows students to make the most informed decisions that best suit their individual needs.

How do our advising sessions go? 

Our advising sessions are tailored to each students' individual academic & non-academic needs. If you are a high school student looking to get ahead or gain momentum in the medical world we help you locate & apply for initiatives in your school/ community that will help your application stand out. If on the other hand, you are CEGEP, university or mature student ready to apply and looking for help & guidance on which schools to apply to, we help narrow down your options.

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