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What is a medical admissions consultant?

Thinking about applying to medical school? With the medical admissions landscape having dramatically changed in the past decade, getting into a competitive medical program has become increasingly difficult. Rules have changed. Advice and strategies that were once relevant no longer apply leaving students feeling confused and overwhelmed. At GritGoals Education we connect students with unparalleled application mentors to refine and perfect their medical school profile.

Although competitive grades, in the form of a high R-Score or Grade Point Average (GPA) are an important aspect of a strong medical profile, they do not guarantee an interview. For example, all Canadian medical schools require students to complete the CASPer test (an online situational test), meant for students to showcase non-academic skills such as empathy, compassion, and collaboration. Medical schools greatly emphasize the importance of this test. Schools also highly value resumes such that admission officers treat them as a window into each applicant's life. With this in mind, students should devote considerable amounts of time and energy in choosing the right entries to include. Personal essays and reference letters are further examples of additional school-specific requirements.

By now, it should be clear how overwhelming the medical application process can be, especially if you are applying to more than one school. A medical application mentor is a coach that will virtually help you strategically plan your approach to a successful medical school admission. Our coaches offer support on the following application aspects:

Academic Tutoring: grade- level academic support and enrichment

Resume Building: wording and framing of academic, personal & work experiences

Leadership Coaching: support in the discovery of unique leadership opportunities

Personal Growth Development: support in time, stress & anxiety management

Academic Consulting: academic & growth support

Extracurriculars Development: support in the location & development of extracurriculars

Scholarship Application: support in grant/awards/ scholarship application

Research & Volunteering Placement: support in the location & application of meaningful research & volunteering opportunities

Test & Interview Prep: CASPer test prep, MCAT prep & Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) support

Together, student and mentor work towards refining and optimizing all aspects of a student's medical application until it is ready for submission. Our goal, besides a successful medical school acceptance, is to instil a sense of self assurance and confidence in our students that will follow them way beyond their medical school acceptance.

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