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Our Services

            GritGoals Education offers mentorship on various elements of your medical school application

CASPer Prep

Get support on every step of the Casper starting with test format and strategy breakdown, crucial tips & tricks to endless practice tests & simulations. 

Interview Prep

Get support on all the components you'll need to feel confident walking into your interview. From interview format breakdown, strategy implementation to mock scenarios. 

CV Building

Get support on the selection and editing of unique life & academic experiences that best highlight your distinctive talents.

Medical School Advising

Interested in applying to medical school but don't know how & where to start? Our advisors can help you locate & narrow school options based on your individual needs.

Application Review

Every medical school has different requirements. Our coaches can help you both manage & organize your time & draft school-specific content. 

Research & Volunteer Placement

Get support locating & applying for meaningful research & volunteer experiences that not only resonate with your interests but that can make your application stand out. 

Our Partners

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