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CV Building & Editing

A well-structured, diverse and coherent resume is a crucial component of any medical application. It allows admissions officers to get a glimpse into each student’s life. Our mentors are aware of the value and emphasis placed on CVs, which is why we help our students strategically select and present unique experiences that highlight each student's distinctive talents.

What is CV building & editing?

The art of putting together a strong CV is an acquired one. When all applicants have competitive 

grades & a strong overall application, a unique CV may be the element that differentiates two applicants apart. CV building & editing involves crafting a resume, by carefully selecting specific entries that together paint the picture of a unique and well-rounded applicant. 

Why is CV building recommended?

By working closely with a mentor throughout the editing stages of resume building, entries are more carefully selected & worded to accurately reflect & highlight your most unique and impressionable accomplishments. Medical application CVs are an opportunity for applicants to shine outside the academic sphere so carefully crafting a strong CV goes a long way.

How do CV  sessions go? 

The first step in drafting a strong & unique CV is by familiarizing yourself with your school's CV

guidelines. Then, together mentor & student carefully select pertinent entries that will be included. Once desired entries are selected, it's time to put pen to paper and brainstorm the right wording to showcase your most authentic and unique self. The editing process is far from linear and can take a while which is why we recommend meeting with a mentor early on and maintaining a constant pace until the resume is as perfect as can be!

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