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Interview Prep

All medical schools in Canada require students to pass medical interviews also called Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMis). MIMs play an important role in medical admission and therefore can create a lot of stress and anxiety for students as well as parents. This is why we firmly believe that well-educated students have a significant advantage.

What are the MMIs?

MEMs are a series of short, structured stations designed to assess applicants' traits and personal

qualities. They resemble the CASPer test in that students are placed in sensitive situations and are required to navigate them. They last two hours and are made up of ten to twelve ten-minute stations. Stations can be of two types; question-based stations where candidates are given a question/problem

to analyze or question-based stations on scenarios where contestants engage in a role-play scenario

with an actor.

Why is interview prep recommended?

Because interview performance is the last deciding factor in a medical school acceptance it goes without saying that its' preparation is crucial. Given that students have such a short period of time between their interview invite & the interview date, working closely with a coach up until your interview  will help prepare you for the types of questions you will be asked in addition to getting you in that right

interview mindset. 

How do our prep sessions go? 

The first session is the most crucial and information-heavy. Given that different schools have different interview styles this session is meant not only to go over general interview format, content & useful strategies but to cover your schools' specific questions & format. Once content & strategies are successfully internalized, focus is then shifted on completing an endless amont of practice scenarios & mock simulations! Together student and coach dissect performance & responses and highlight was could be improved.

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