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CASPer Prep

With a growing number of schools & programs making the CASPer test a mandatory component of the application, training is essential. The CASPer is an online, situational personality test that screens applicants on characteristics such as collaboration, communication, empathy and equity.

We understand it could be difficult to showcase these qualities, especially under pressure. We believe having a coach guiding & supporting you along the way can help position you on a successful path.

What is the CASPer test?

100-120 minute online situational personality test divided into two sections (verbal & typed) meant to determine behavioural tendencies when placed in delicate situations. The test will present you with realistic hypothetical scenarios and ask what you would do in such situations and why.  

Why is the CASPer test important?

Medical schools are not only interested in students who are academically capable but in those who also possess the right personal & professional qualities that are more likely going to make them successful healthcare professionals. In addition, some medical schools won't consider applicants unless they perform well on this test, making scoring in the top quartiles crucial.

How do we prep our students for the CASPer test? 

We begin our prep with an introductory session where test format is broken down & explained in detail. Given that the CASPer test often changes format, beginning with the session allows students to know exactly what to expect. Focus is then shifted on highlighting important strategies, tips & tricks and successful approaches needed to answer questions thoroughly & uniquely. Last but certainly not least, practice scenarios! The last part of the prep involves the completion of ample prompts followed by feedback and guidance from coaches. Together student and coach dissect responses and highlight was could be improved.

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