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Research & Volunteer Placement

Medical programs pride themselves on admitting the best & most well-rounded students. By volunteering in impactful organizations and by actively participating in research your application goes from mediocre to highly competitive. Identifying & focusing on our student's passions and hobbies allows us to connect them with researchers, health professionals and volunteer organizations that resonate best with their interests.

What is research & placement guidance?

Support in the location & application of meaningful and unique volunteering & research opportunities. Including significant community-involvement & clinical research experience allows you to contribute to your community while strengthening your application by showcasing important qualities such as collaboration, commitment & dedication & resourcefulness. 

Why is research & placement guidance 

Applicants who demonstrate initiative, leadership and collaboration have a significant advantage over others. Not only do these skills make for a more competitive application they also make for more successful and well-rounded healthcare professionals. With this in mind, we strive to help our students identify & apply to unique leadership and research opportunities based on their interests & passions. 

How do research & placement guidance go? 

The first step in finding meaningful & impactful research and/or volunteer opportunities begins by

identifying out what you like. Are you interested in volunteering trips? Or do you rather volunteer in a hospital? Are you interested in starting a nonprofit? Are you interested in doing clinical research and interacting with patients or perhaps you prefer working in a lab? Once these questions answered, we are then able to help you locate & apply for opportunities that best align with your goals & interests. 

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